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General physician information

Dental Surgeon; Specialized in implant placement, with a Master’s degree in administration, and more than six years of experience in the Implantology area and 12 years in the sales area in leading companies in the pharmaceutical and health industry.

During the last years dedicated to the placement and rehabilitation of dental implants; besides being responsible for the development of new Implantologists in institutions such as IIOHS, UABC, and the Mexican College of Oral and Maxillofacial Implantology, I have also participated in the implementation of commercial strategies in transnational companies with proven results in maximizing sales. Leading teams of medical representatives in the central, northern and southeastern areas of the country.

Academic / special training

ACADEMIC BACKGROUND: ● Specialty in Oral Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation IIOHS. 2020-2022. ● Master's Degree in Health Services Administration, UNAM 2015-2017. ● Bachelor of Dental Surgeon 2002 - 2006. ADDITIONAL TRAINING: ● Master in immediate loading strategic implantology IDHE Dental Zaragoza Spain 2021. ● Master in immediate loading strategic implantology IDHE Dental Colombia 2021. ● Master in immediate loading strategic implantology IDHE Dental Colombia 2020. ● Diploma in Pharmaceutical Administration, UNAM, 2014-2015. ● Diploma in Oral Implantology UNAM 2013 ● Diploma in Clinical and Epidemiological Research UNAM 2009. ● Diploma in Gerontology, UNAM, 2008. ● Diploma in University Teaching UNAM 2008. ● Diploma in Gnathological Total Prosthesis UNAM 2007. LANGUAGES ● English 70%
MACO Dental Care Espeaker and clinical and scientific advisor in Mexico LAUNCA Espeaker and clinical and scientific consultant in Mexico Clínica Dental Laser Jun 20- Currently responsible for the Implantology area. Responsible for the implantology and implant rehabilitation area of Clinica Laser S.C. Asociacion Sindical de Pilotos Aviadores (ASPA) Jun 20- Present Responsible for the Implantology area. Responsible for the area of implantology and rehabilitation on implants of the ASPA Clinic with exclusive practice in implantology with pilots who are members of the union. Star Medica Cuautitlan Jun 20- Currently Implantologist and rehabilitator at Star Medica Luna Parc Hospital attending patients in the Implantology area with complex treatments using various techniques. Centro Odontologico AI 2008-Present Partner Dental Surgeon and Implantologist AB Dental Dec 16 - Dec19 Sales Manager Responsible for the development and implementation of commercial strategies, leading a team of commercial consultants nationwide, positioning the brand with opinion leaders in public and private hospitals, specialized clinics and universities. Artricenter Rheumatic Diseases Clinic Aug 15 - Sept16 Medical Coordinator Responsible for the integration department in the rheumatic diseases clinic Artricenter, leading a multidisciplinary team of 13 people carrying out administration and management functions of the integration area of the aforementioned clinic, in addition to the supervision and control of KPI's.

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